LED Light Engines and Modules
Light management systems
LED Drivers
Electronic Control Gears for Lamps
Linear Flexible and Area Lighting
Planta Seed Brick
Product family features
2 standard color mixes recipes for different applications
Module efficacy: up to 3.6 µmol/J (@rated conditions)
PF up to 85 µmol/s (@rated conditions)
Average lifetime (L90B10): up to 70,000 (up to temperature at Tp = 60 °C)
Thermal protection by NTC on the LED Module
Maximum working voltage 550 V for the system
Geometry according to Zhaga Book 15
Product family benefits
Customized solutions (color-mix & form factor) possible
Perfect fit to OPTOTRONIC HC and Industry Drivers
Compatible to standard outdoor and industry optics, e.g. Ledil Strada series
Areas of application
Industry (greenhouse, hardware store, supermarket)
Horticulture application
Suitable for operation on SELV and non-isolated systems
Development of prototype luminaires and LED solutions in Horticulture applications
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